How do you order in the yard?

To place orders at Sour Duck Market we ask that you use your smartphone and scan the QR code located on your table. Once you are in our online platform, be sure to toggle your menu from To-Go to the Dine-In. You will know you are in the right spot when every item your order requires you to add your table number. Once you are finished, close your tab and we will bring your treats out as soon as they are ready.


Your host will go over this as they seat you and we are here to help should you have any questions.

Save your credit card information to expedite any future orders.

Be sure to swap to the Dine-In menu every time you reorder to ensure your items do not get packaged To-Go.

What are your sanitizing proceedures during the Covid-19 Reopen?

    1. Each staff member will be required to wear a mask during the shift.

    2. We have timed sanitation procedure throughout the space. This includes, but not limited to, door handles, common use surfaces, restrooms (door handles on both sides, flushing mechanism, sink handles,baby changing station, etc), glass, etc. We only use an approved detergent or alcohol for this purpose. Once clean, every employee will wash/sanitize hands before continuing to work.

    3. You will see our signatures on documents near restrooms noting our last cleaning.

    4. Tables thoroughly sanitized between turns.

    5. Hand sanitizer and washing stations located around the yard and restrooms.

    6. Keeping a safe distance from each other at all times.

What are the rules of the Yard during Covid-19 reopening.

  1. Sour Duck is outdoor seating until further notice.
  2. Follow ordering instructions provided by your host.
  3. No seating at any of the gray tables. They are for staff to place your food and drink.
  4. Tables of 10 or less humans only (includes kiddos).
  5. Face coverings required when away from the tables at any time for any reason.
  6. No loitering. Stay in seats unless using restrooms.
  7. Dogs allowed on leash and under a watchful eye.
  8. Contactless ordering and payments optional. We will have staff in the yard to assist you with ordering and any other needs you may have.
  9. Use sanitizing stations before and after entering the yard or building.
  10. Thank you for choosing to support us and we are happy to serve you.

Is the yard still first come first serve?

Yes. We have a more limited seating capacity right now and will seat all tables on a first come first serve basis. We will create a wait list should the yard be full when you arrive.

Are you kid/dog friendly?

In light of our current worldly situation, we have some restrictions. We still encourage you to bring the entire family to Sour Duck's yard. However, all children must remain seated unless accompanied to the restroom and all fur babies must be on leash. We thank you for your cooperation as we reopen our space to the public.

Where do I park for dine in?

All on site parking will be street parking up Chicon St as well as behind the bar building off Chicon St. You will find paved spots with angle in only parking in our gravel lot. Please observe directional flow patters to maximize parking in that lot. We also ask you do not park in the alley as it obstructs our neighbors ability to get to their homes. Thank you.

Do you offer To-Go?

Yes! You can order by clicking this link and if you want delivery you can find us on Favor and Grub Hub. We offer curb side pickup as well.

Where do I park for curb side pickup?

Our curb side pickup lot is our center lot located off of Chicon between the two buildings. Once your parked, text the number on the sign with your location and we will bring your order out once it is ready.

When is Happy Hour?

We are not currently offering Happy Hour. Stay posted as this service makes its way back to Sour Duck.

Do you do events?

We consider ourselves an Austin-centric event space. We show all major sporting events, throw outrageous parties, and love live music. In fact, the original Odd Duck Farm to Trailer has morphed into the stage here at Sour Duck Market! With that, we are staying with Covid related restrictions allowing for a maximum of 10 guests per table.

Do you offer veggie/gf options?

We do offer vegetarian and gluten free options. Please keep in mind we are a bakery and flour is always among us.

Do you take reservations?

We take reservations for large parties of 20 or more. We offer full and partial buyouts as well as curated dinner options for our large groups. Contact info@sourduckaustin.com to inquire.