Large Party & TAB Events

Book your next large party with us by clicking the link below. Reservations are available for groups of 25 or more. Want to start an off-site TAB for your guests? Click the link below for more details.

Sour Duck TAB

(Totally Awesome Boss)


Sour Duck Market has the ability to offer large party pick-up events! This is how you show your team the love in the comfort of their own spaces.

Using a custom “TAB Name,” your group members can order meals, drinks, and treats online during a predefined time frame. After “Last Call,” the items purchased with your TAB Name will be tallied and charged to your approved payment source.

How It Works

1. Email us today to set up your Sour Duck TAB name and parameters.

2. Your group members can then visit our website and click the “ORDER ONLINE” button to place their orders.

3. During the checkout process, group members will use your TAB Name in the “Promotions” field. The bill will be added to the TAB, and their order will be placed.

4. Within 15 minutes, the order will be packaged and ready for pickup at Sour Duck Market.

5. After Last Call, we charge the card on file for all orders placed.

It really is that simple! And a fantastic way to show your group how much you appreciate them. Contact us to setup your Sour Duck TAB account today!